About Paper logistics

C van Heezik Paper Logistics is uniquely positioned in Europe. The proximity of Rotterdam and Antwerp, its own port for inland shipping, its own rail connection and its own transport for supply and distribution offer clients from all over the world the ideal combination to supply their customers in Europe with rolls and cut paperboard.


With 3 machines, 60,000 tons of sheets are cut per year. Over 150,000 tons are delivered on as reels to major customers.


C van Heezik Paper logistics offers the highest flexibility and the shortest possible lead time from order to delivery.


C van Heezik Paper Logistics has a focus on reliability and quality and is BRC-IoP certified.


With two Masson Scott cutting machines and one Marquip Wizard cutting machine, we have an annual cutting capacity of approximately 60,000 tons.


We can therefore cut all your board within a range of 100 – 600 gr/gsm.


The 3 cutting machines give us the ability to produce for you sheets with

  • A cutting width of 330 – 1680 mm
  • A cutting length of 350 – 1650 mm


All our machines are equipped with full dust extraction.


The pallets we use are non-stop on any special format you need, wrapped in shrink film PE / LD


The following cutting rolls can be delivered to us, with:

  • A roll width of 400 – 1700 mm
  • A roll diameter of max. 2150 mm
  • A weight of max. 4000 kg
  • A tube diameter of 76 – 305 mm

Transport and distribution

C van Heezik Papier logistics uses the services of its sister company C van Heezik Twin logistics. A large part of this branch’s fleet is fully equipped for transporting rolls and pallets of paper and paperboard.


The latest addition for the damage-free transport of sheets on pallets is our Twin trailer. In this special trailer, pallets of paper, without being stacked on top of each other, can be transported on two loading floors, while at the same time the full tonnage can be utilized.


The Twin trailer has a capacity of 50 to 54 euro pallets compared to a conventional trailer with 33 euro pallets, reducing the transport costs per pallet.


These special trailers also reduce the burden on the environment: 40% less CO2 emissions!


With the Jagenberg Vari-Step, in addition to cutting sheets, we can also rewind rolls of paper and cardboard into new rolls. This allows us to turn (heavily) damaged rolls back into a beautiful new product.


The machine has the ability to:

  • Reduce roll widths: to roll widths from min. 100 mm to 2650 mm wide
  • Change roll diameters up to max. 1500 mm
  • Tube diameters changeable: from tubes 70 mm to 305 mm


Gram weights options from 40 to 600 gr/m2.

Contact Papier logistics

C van Heezik Paper logistics
E: papierlogistiek@heezik.nl


Neutronweg 10
3542 AH Utrecht
Postbus 40226
3504 AA Utrecht

Telefoon Customer Service: +31 (0) 30 240 8 550

Quality control

With the customer and service always in mind, we have developed detailed customer profiling, which means we are constantly working to understand your specific needs and your customers’ requirements.


So that we:

  • Have knowledge of your specific needs
  • Can apply individual attention and care
  • Recognize and document your and your customer’s specific operation
  • We have our unique in-house technical service that we can provide for you.

Please contact us to see our internationally accredited quality certificates.


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