About Twin logistics

C van Heezik Twin logistics is a transporter for the whole of Southern, Western and Central Europe. With specialized modern trailers, partial and full freights are transported at multiple temperatures to delivery addresses for the industrial production of paper and high-grade cardboard, international trade and food production.


Full Tracking & Tracing of the vehicles, real time temperature monitoring of trailers.


The knowledge of – and experience in these transport markets and European service areas among planners and drivers guarantees; for appropriate service, as your customers require.


C van Heezik Twin logistics is the Dutch specialist for combined transport of part loads in dry, heated, refrigerated and frozen transport/groupage.


Our fleet is assembled to allow specialized and/or multi-purpose transport (e.g., multiple temperatures) in groupage and part loads.
We have:

  • International LNG tractors that create fewer emissions than a traditional diesel tractor unit
  • Refrigerated and freezer twin-trailers with multi-temperature layouts
  • A network of partners


International -, and national distribution is based on daily departures of daily and multi-day trips.


Daily departures: Benelux, France, Germany, Switzerland and England.


Weekly departures: Greece, Spain and Portugal.


Shipments to these destinations are delivered directly and without further transshipment. Only for the ‘last mile’ at smaller unloading addresses local carriers can/will be used.


Other destinations are partly served through our selected permanent partner networks.

Twin concept

Twin-trailers: this eco-combi is suitable for the whole of Europe, capacity from 50 to 54 euro pallets, max. pallet height 175 cm and a max. total payload 18.5 tons = 325 kg/ euro pallet = 250 kg m3. We also have Twins with multitemperature with the range: -20 to +25 degrees Celsius.

Twin trailer advantages:

  • Deployment of 2 Twin = 3 conventional trailers (33% less vehicle movements on the road and at the dock).
  • Less fixed/external costs, such as tolls and ferry per unit to be transported.
  • With our Twin-trailer fleet, we save 1,000,000 road kilometers, 2000 tons/ 950m3 CO2 emissions annually.

LZV concept

LZV combination consists of 2x trailers (composed) behind one tractor unit. The front trailer has a loading capacity of 19x Euro pallet, in combination with a regular box trailer with a loading capacity of 33x Euro pallet, makes that with 1x tour 52 Euro pallets can be driven, with a maximum height of 240 cm and a maximum loading capacity of 40 tons in the Netherlands and a maximum loading capacity of 40 tons in Belgium.


This combination is temperature controlled per trailer at -20 to + 25 Degrees Celsius.


The front trailer can also be combined with a TWIN trailer, which makes the maximum pallet capacity 73x Euro pallet total, with a maximum loading capacity of 40 tons.


When unloading, the 2x trailer are disconnected from each other and placed separately at the dock. After unloading, the combination is reassembled for departure.

Service level agreement

C van Heezik Twin logistics makes clear agreements with the client about the lead time and the service and cost level. These are laid down in an SLA and monitored by means of KPIs. This involves a continuous search for an optimal overall picture for all parties.


Consultations are held structurally with the client to discuss possible improvements throughout the chain. For example, not only is delivery reliability assessed, but inventory levels and order turnover are also analyzed.


Result: the right service at the agreed costs!

Cross Dock + Storage

Our facilities are centrally located in Utrecht and are suitable for handling cross-dock shipments. The presence of freezer and cold stores also enables the transshipment of conditioned products.


Using our own warehouses, we take care of the entire chain of logistics: from inbound flows, inbound, storage, order picking to customer-specific shipment preparation.


Inbound of the larger supply flows by water and rail to our warehouse facilities is also possible, as we have our own water and rail connection.


This makes C van Heezik Twin logistics the ideal location for the European transport flows and groupage network.

Contact Twin logistics

C. van Heezik Twin Logistics
T: 0031-302479546
E: twinlogistiek@heezik.nl


Ruimteweg 1
NL-3542 DW Utrecht
Postbus 40226
NL-3504 AA Utrecht


General/central number: +31 (0) 30 2479511


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