About frozen logistics

C van Heezik Frozen logistics specializes in transport, distribution, storage and handling of frozen products. Your entire frozen logistics chain professionally controlled by one partner; this ensures short lines of communication, a high degree of flexibility and the ability to switch quickly.


Our central location in Utrecht, coupled with an intricate distribution network, guarantees competitive transport rates and, not unimportantly, lower CO2 emissions.


We can also take care of international handling/delivery.


We focus on what needs to be done and how things can be solved. Our organization is characterized by short response times and the ability to do special extra work, in addition to the standard activities that we are also happy to take care of for you.


We strive for the lowest cost for our customer. This does not always equal the lowest rates. An optimally designed logistics chain based on your specific need(s) is often cheaper than basic logistics with the lowest rates. Therefore, please contact us, without obligation, to jointly assess where your advantage and synergy may lie!

Transport and distribution

With as many as 6,000 delivery addresses in the Netherlands and Belgium, we manage an intricate network. We specialize in groupage shipments. By combining your shipment with those of our other customers, we are able to offer you favorable price conditions. Every day our trucks are at the doorstep of various stores, distribution centers, (semi-) government institutions, out of home providers and business to business customers.


Our central location in Utrecht offers the shortest distances for national distribution. Your advantage? Short delivery times, low CO2 emissions and, last but not least, good rates.


Since our vehicles empty daily all over the Netherlands and Belgium, we can easily take your goods to Utrecht (backhaul), from where they can be finely distributed to any customer via cross-dock operation or from stock.

Outsource procurement?

Working closely with some retailers and manufacturers, we order the products for stock ourselves. We thus determine stock levels and play a crucial role in shelf and branch availability. We monitor inventory and have insight into all data related to seasonal patterns, forecasting and folder influences. On this basis, we provide optimum stock and delivery management, relieving our customers of all their worries from A to Z.

Storage and handling

In our modern cold store of 150,000m3 and 25 meters high, we have access to five floors where order picking and packing operations can take place.


Storage is done via conventional pallet racks or our patented fully automatic shuttle system. Our shuttle system guarantees high quality, because the system is completely based on barcode scanning and therefore operates error-free. In addition, the same square meters fit more than 2x as many pallets as conventional racking. This enables us to deliver very high quality at competitive rates.


Our shipping area is deep frozen. As a result, we guarantee a completely closed cold chain!


Do you want to start e-commerce with frozen foods? We are able to take care of fulfillment for you and will be happy to help!

Order picking

We specialize in order picking for retailers and manufacturers. Stacking of roll containers, pallets or freezers is done based on shelf order and fragility – weight of packaging.


We master every form of order picking. Voice picking from stock in a picking lane is standard, but pick-to-zero and two-step picking is also no problem for us. We will always apply the most suitable method for you.

Contact Frozen logistics

Contact Frozen logistics

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