Frozen logistics

C. van Heezik cold chain logistics is specialized in transport, distribution and storing and handling of freezer products. Your whole logistics handled by one party ensures quick service with high flexibility and the possibility to make quick adjustments.

Our unique central location in Utrecht, coupled to a systematic distribution network guarantees competitive transport prices as well as lower CO2 emissions.

We focus on what needs to be done, not on what we cannot do. Our organization is known for short response times and performing special circumstance activities, apart from standard straightforward activities.

We strive to get the lowest costs for our customers. These are not always equal to the lowest prices. An optimal adapted logistics chain that meets specific customer needs is often cheaper than the basic logistics package with the lowest price. We therefore encourage our clients to stay in open-ended contact with us, so that we can identify together where your advantages lie!

”Van Heezik, dan is het goed!”